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JSDDE Hollow Flower Aromatherapy Locket Pendant 7 Chakra Natural Beads Healing Crystal Gemstones Necklace(7 Chakra Stones)

GBP 14.29

  • 7 Chakras Gemstone Beads--Amethyst--Sahasrara(Or Crown Chakra); Green Aventurine--Anahata(Or Heart Chakra); Lemon Jade--Manipura(Or Solar plexus/navel chakra); White Crystal--Ajna(Or Third-Eye Chakra); Red Agate--Muladhara(Or Root Chakra); Tiger Eye Stone--Svadhishthana(Or Sacral Chakra); Dyed Lapis Lazuli--Vishuddha(Or Throat Chakra)
  • A unique, pretty, hollow flower locket style pendant with chakra gemstone necklace. The pendant opens like a locket, specially designed for hold the gemstones. You can put the gemstone in the locket switch a color every day. Brighten up your hold week with this jewelry.
  • Material: White-K gold electroplated on copper with Polished Look for locket pendant and necklace & Gemstones. Because the necklace pendant made by natural stone, each with unique color, the pendant may not same as the picture shown.
  • Chain Length: 28 Inches Gemstone Bead Dia: 16MM
  • Comes with a grey velvet bag printed JSDDE and a black gift box. A perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, wedding, graduation, valentine's day!

These openable locket gemstone necklace is a perfect accessory for any occasion, any season, fit all ages.

Its fashion style matches kinds of clothes - it definitely looks awesome.

It's absolutely a great gift to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, Valentine, mom, dad, families or friends for birthday, party anniversary etc.

Chakra energy is always in motion, interweaving and interconnecting. Many times working with multiple chakras via energy work, wearing or carrying related crystals, using related stones, or other methods, brings a synergy that working with a single chakra could not as easily reach. Chakras are generally counted from the bottom up, as the energy rises from the earth plane to the spiritual planes.


--100% Brand New & High Quality
--Chain Length: 28 Inches
--Gemstone Bead Diameter: 16MM
--Weight: 22G

Package list

- 1x Pendant
- 1x Chain
- 7x Beads
-1x Gift Box
- 1x JSDDE Velvet Pouch

Protecting your Jewelry
1.They may be damaged if used by inappropriate wearing habits.
2.For the daily wearing purpose, it is really no problem.
3.If kept well, they will look brand new for long time.

Warranty item: 90-Day money back guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, please contact us through buyer seller message. We promise we will try our best to make you happy. Buy absolutely no risk.

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